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If you have questions, we hopefully have the answers here!


Join the Rant Graphics/Audio/Video Team:

If you are skilled in the way of the artist let us know, we're always looking for help with graphics, audio or video projects! Examples are flyers, graphic overlays, video intros, audio promos, etc! Contact Rant and show us your skills!

Write for PA1N

If you are skilled in the written word we have a place to show off your talents! Contact PA1N and get published.

Join the Community

Interact with the rest of the Rant community through the Rant Forum or the Rant IRC

Spread The Virus

Fans are always asking us how they can help Rant. In fact there are MANY ways you can help Rant! The best thing you can do to help rant is to tell somebody you know about Rant or one of the projects that Rant does that they would be interested in. Spread the virus! Keep reading for more ways to help Rant.

Donate to RantMedia

Your monthly donation to RantMedia helps us run our servers and buy equipment for producing new media for you! With your monthly renewable donation, Rant is able to dedicate more time creating projects for you to enjoy. By donating, you show your appreciation for the effort, dedication and time RantMedia puts into commercial free media. We thank you in advance for your continued support!

Physical Media Promotion

Copy our media, share our media, distribute our media! Tell someone you know about your favorite Rant project or something that they'd be interested in and hand them a CD/DVD/Memory Stick filled with our projects.

Link Promotion

Link to RantMedia or your favorite Rant Project in your blog or tagline. Mention one of the audio/video/print project you like in a relevent forum or chat channel.

Mindshare Promotion

Print out leaflets or flyers with Rant's website on it. Make a sticker or a tshirt with our logo or name of project on it.

Stream Mirroring

If you would like to increase our potential listening audience contact us. Help us by mirroring RantRadios stream! By mirroring the listening stream it enables more people to listen in and provides another mirror possibly closer to their location. Contact Rant if you have a hosted server with 5+ Mbps upstream you have access to install software on

File Mirroring

Mirroring files of Rant Projects is an extremely big help to Rant. Contact Rant is you're able host some of Rant's projects on your parked server. Contact us if you have a hosted server with a 1+ Mbps upstream you have access to installing software.

Torrent Seeding

With torrent seeding every little bit helps, even people with the slowest Internet connection. All you have to do is go to any of our project pages and start the torrent and help seed the torrent for other RantFans!

Signing Up For A Show

To broadcast a show on RantRadio you will need a computer, an Internet connection and either a microphone or a recording of your broadcast. RantRadio broadcasts talk shows and music shows! You'll also need a good idea for a show that you can reliably show up to and consitently be entertaining or informative.

Hardware You Will Need:

- A computer
- A microphone
- A decent connection (cable, ADSL or more) with 150kbps+ upstream. (FOR LIVE SHOWS)

Software You Will Need:

- Audio recording software that can save as mp3. (FOR PRERECORDED SHOWS)
- Newest version of WinAmp and Shoutcast DSP Plug-In or Shoutcast enabled broadcasting software (FOR LIVE SHOWS)

The Next Step:

- Record a 1/2 hour audition show and upload it to Rant's FTP site. Contact us for the login and password.
- RantRadio Talk's format is 'Talk Radio' so talk your head off! Do a news show, talk about gaming, movie reviews, hacking or anything else you have knowledge or interest in. If you are not sure whether you think the show will be good, please e-mail the program director and propose your idea to them.

Live Broadcasting Shoutcast Settings

Shoutcast DSP - Encoder Tab:

Put these settings in your Shoutcast DSP PlugIn In The Encoder section:

Encoder Type: None

Encoder 2: [High Bandwidth Stream]
Encoder Type: MP3 Encoder
Encoder Settings: 128kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo

Shoutcast DSP - Input Tab:

Input Device: Soundcard Input
Input Settings: 44100Hz, Stereo
Mic Input: Line Input

Shoutcast DSP - Output Tab:

Note: Please type them in EXACTLY as typed below.

Click On The YellowPages Button:

Make This Server Public: [PUT A CHECKMARK HERE]
Industrial Description: -=RantRadio Industrial=- Industrial Electronica For Your Mind
Talk Description: -=RantRadio Talk=- Speak Your Mind
Punk Description: -=RantRadio Punk=- The Virtual Mosh Pit
URL: http://www.rantradio.com
Industrial Genre: Industrial Electronic EBM
Talk Genre: Talk Comedy Spoken Word
Punk Genre: Punk Ska Rock
IRC: #rantradio
Enable Title Updates: PUT A CHECKMARK IN THIS

Click Output 1 and Connection Button:
Address: [Supplied By RantRadio When Show Accepted]
Port: [Supplied By RantRadio When Show Accepted]
Password: [Supplied By RantRadio When Show Accepted]
Encoder: 2

Live Broadcasting Instructions:

- Log in no more than 5 minutes before your show starts to allow the show before you to finish
- Start playing your preshow music (one or two songs) before logging in so when you start broadcasting it won't be dead air.
- Log into the broadcasting server through the web interface. You will be prompted for a login name and password. The website, login name and password will be e-mailed to you by the station manager when you were approved as a show.
- Click on 'kick' to kick off the current rotation of music that is playing. The line willl say 'Source:[kick]', click on the kick. You need to kick the current stream in order for you to cut in and broadcast your show.
- After clicking on 'kick' on the website you must click on 'Connect' on your shoutcast DSP plugin on your winamp. If you do not click on 'Connect' within approximately 10 seconds, the original stream will start again and you will have to kick it again.
- You will now be streaming on the station. After sucessfully connecting to the stream you can now start your show.

Broadcasting Tips:

- [LIVE SHOWS] Log in no more than 5 minutes before your show starts
- Finish your show five minutes before your time slot is up so other shows do not broadcast over top of the end of your show. For example, if you have a 1 hour time slot, keep your show length to a maximum 55 minutes. If you have a two hour time slot, keep your show length to a maximum of 1 hr 55 minutes.
- Use headphones plugged into your computer or mixing board so you know what your broadcast sounds like.
- Use the RantRadio IRC channel for posting links or following comments on the show. Interacting with your fans is a good way to build up your listening audience.
- Maintaining an IM or email list is a good way to keep your listeners informed about your show.
- Inviting audience participation through contests, story submissions, artwork, audio clips is a good way to keep your audience involved.
- Promote other shows on RantRadio to increase overall listenership to the station! Remember, it's a big community and the more the merrier!
- Don't miss any shows. Nothing will lose your listeners quicker than not showing up on time or not showing up at all.
- Archive your shows and have them available to download for your listeners. If they like one show, they're bound to like all of them!
- Use SKYPE or a similar program to interact with your listeners. It's free and provides an amazing level of participation from the audience.

Getting Your Music/Video/Show Played On Rant

Please contact us if you'd like your band to be played on RantRadio. If you're good and your band fits the format then you're in! In two easy steps you can be played on Rant:

1) Contact us with all your relevant information
2) Get your media to us (FTP, email, snailmail)

If your media is played on Rant we would appreciate a button or banner linking to us from your website.